June 10th, 2010

Morning all!


Break out the chourico and the malasadas!  June 10th is Portugal Day!


  • Brown & Co. are getting into the spirit with the 2010 World Cup Kick-off Party, this Saturday, June 12th from 11am until 3pm where there will be discounts, refreshments, door prizes and more.


  • Anyone like hockey and/or wine?  If so, get yourselves to the Bermuda Hockey Federation Wine-Tasting Series. The next one is on Friday, June 18th and then on Wednesday, June 28th (before Cup Match), then September 30th and December 2nd and they’re all from 6pm until 8.30pm at Gosling’s Wine Cellar. Here’s the flyer with details.


  • A bit controversial for Bermuda perhaps but Private Pleasures have come up with a novel way of celebrating Father’s Day with their Doin’ It for Daddy Cruise.  This will be aboard the MV Elizabeth on Sunday, June 20th from 9pm until midnigh and will include dinner, oil-wrestling and lingerie shows, and raffle prizes from Private Pleasures. Tickets are $80 and sold in advance only by calling 504-7712 or email PrivatePleasuresDiva@yahoo.com.  Here’s the flyer!


  • A little more serious than the usual events listed here is the 12th Annual College Students Networking Event at the Hamilton Princess on Thursday, July 22nd from 4pm until 8pm. This includes career seminars, industry booths, a speed networking session and prizes and giveaways. More details are here www.businessbermuda.org/csne and the event schedule is here.


  • For all you atheletes out there, SheROX is coming to Bermuda! SheROX is an all women’s sprint distance triathlon series and the SheROX Bermuda triathlon consists of a 0.8K (0.5 mile) swim, a 20K (12.4 mile) bike, and a 5K (3.1 mile) run. This will be on Sunday, November 14th at 7am at the Fairmont Southampton – for more details or to register, please see www.sheroxtri.com/overview-6567.html.  Here’s the flyer!


  • I just found out that on Wednesdays, the Jasmine Lounge at the Fairmont Southampton host a Chocolate Extravaganza!  This costs $15 per person and is on from 9pm until midnight. It goes without saying that I will be going to this as soon as I possibly can – if anyone needs a chocolate buddy to go with them, just give me a shout!  If you knew about this and didn’t tell me, you are now on my List of Enemies!!


  • Elbow Beach have released their June offers with a special nod to Father’s Day. I wish I could afford to send my daddy for a facial but it would cost around three times the normal price for him. Sadly, as the years have gone by, his face has spread to the rest of his head since his formerly flyaway hair, um, flew away.. Happy Father’s Day Dad!  Here’s the flyer for the rest of you!


Quick Recap

Where the Whales Sing– June 10th 

A Special Hour of Dance – June 10th

A.S. Coopers Private Shopping Evening – June 10th

MR Onions Booze Cruise – June 11th

 2010 World Cup Kick-off Party – June 12th

2nd Annual Swizzle King Preliminaries – June 14th to 16th

Newport Race – June 18th

Bermuda Hockey Federation Wine-Tasting Series  – June 18th

Hamilton Princess History Tour – June 19th

Culture Shock “Peace inna de Streetz” – June 19th

 Doin’ It for Daddy Cruise – June 20th

That’s What Friends Are 4 Raffle Draw – June 21st

Jackson School of Performing Arts Dance Recital – June 23rd to 26th

7th Annual Bishop’s Luncheon – June 24th

Rubber Duck Derby – June 26th

 2nd Annual Swizzle King Final – June 26th

 The Three Cantors Concert – June 26th

Hamilton Princess History Tour – July 17th

Bermuda Hockey Federation Wine-Tasting Series  – July 28th

12th Annual College Students Networking Event – July 22nd

Hamilton Princess History Tour – August 14th
Mambo Nights “Latin Beats: The Evolution of Mambo” – August 11th to 17th

Bermuda Hockey Federation Wine-Tasting Series  – September 30th

Bermuda Music Festival – September 30th to October 2nd

SheROX Bermuda Triathalon – November 14th

Bermuda Hockey Federation Wine-Tasting Series  – December 2nd


Ha, ha, the chicken was diagnosed with depression?! How can you tell? She just looked a bit down in the beak? I wonder how long she was cooped-up for before recovering.. Anyway, I am egg-static that Lily is okay now, even if the last line of the article made me laugh until tears came:



MONKEY NEWS:  As usual, the best part of the article is the photo:



Chin-up, the weekend’s almost here – enjoy it when it comes!





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