Bermuda Bloggers

Bermuda Bloggers contains a selection of Bermudians and expat residents talking about Bermuda politics, news and life in general.  There are lots more out there – for the most part I have omitted any not updated in 2013.  This is a work-in-progress so I’ll continue to add more as time goes on.  Feel free to let me know if I have missed any, or even if you’d like your’s removed.


In no particular order:


Dejon Simmons Behind the Scars

Behind the Scars

Bermudian Dejon Simons documents his life after surviving a motorcycle accident in 2004.



David LaHuta Live Out Loud

Live Out Loud

Bermuda-based travel journalist, television host and internationals adventurer David LaHuta blogs about his adventures around the world, what life is like as a stay-at-home dad and updates about his increasingly busy television career. .



Denis Pitcher 21 Square

21 Square

Random musings on politics, finance and life by Bermudian Denis Pitcher.



Jonathan Starling Catch a Fire

Catch a Fire

Bermudian Jonathan Starling on a variety of issues but mainly focusing on politics.



Onion Law Blog

Lawyer Peter Sanderson’s blog is intended to provide comment on legal developments affecting Bermuda and to contribute to public understanding of the law.



New Onion

New Onion

Random ruminations of a twentysomething Bermudian on politics, life, economics, psychology, and anything else that strikes a chord.



Mike Hind Devil Island

The Devil Island

by Bermudian Mike Hind (aka Uncle Elvis).



Vexed Bermoothes

Vexed Bermoothes

Blustery opinions from Bermuda.



Christian Dunleavy Politics

Christian Dunleavy’s blog on the subject of, unsurprisingly, politics.



Chicago Addick

Chicago Addick living in Bermuda

A Charton Athletic fan on life in Bermuda.



Chris Gibbons BreezeBlog


Written and produced by Chris Gibbons, a British journalist and editor who has lived and worked in Bermuda since 1982.



Ryan Gibbons Shake a Leg

Shake a Leg Foundation

Bionic Bermudian Ryan Gibbons keeps a video blog to document life after having a below-knee amputation.



Yoga on the Rock

Yoga on the Rock

Yoga On The Rock is about the how and why for yoga in Bermuda.



Tamaraxo On Pink Shores

On Pink Shores

Bermudian Tamaraxo chronicles her journey to find her own personal style, including details on her travels and inspirations.



Jeremy Deacon Bermuda Blue

Bermuda Blue

Commentary about Bermuda as seen by Jeremy Deacon, a former journalist/editor now in public and media relations.



Lost But Loving It

Lost But Loving It

The pictures, thoughts and life of an expat in Bermyland.




BeachLime is a Bermuda website providing local blog, comments and analysis on a variety of issues pertaining to the island, the region and globally.





In addition to the above blogs, there are also a couple of forums for anyone who wants more interactive discussion about this Rock we call home:


Bermuda is Another World




Bermuda Sucks / Bermuda Rocks