STILL Bored?


In addition to the main Bermuda events listing, I thought I’d add a few more things to keep you out of trouble:


Cinema Listings - take a sweater with you!

Recurring/Regular Events - a listing of the regular events that go on in Bermuda – it’s not practical to add them to the main list every week!

Activities - because sometime you want to organise your own fun!

Bermuda Kids - by popular demand!

Team Sports – meet new people while upping your fitness levels!

Expat Groups and Associations - no matter how wonderful Bermuda is, sometimes you need a touch of home.

Celiac in Bermuda – a mini-resource for celiacs living in, or visiting, Bermuda.

Bermuda Bloggers - a selection of Bermudian and expat residents talking about Bermuda politics, news and life in general.


More sections coming soon!