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I’ve had a few questions about this so thought it was worth giving it its own section.  Other than checking this site regularly (why not bookmark to your Favourites, or even better, link to me from your own website?), there are a few ways that you can keep up with my postings:


Get posts emailed directly to your Inbox!  Simply enter your email address at the side (might be at the bottom if you’re on a mobile device), hit Submit and you will receive a verification email shortly thereafter.  Once you click on the link in this email, you will be all set up for email subscriptions!













Download‘s fantastic new app on Google Play or iTunes.  The Events section is powered by NTDIB!



Also, please feel free to submit details of upcoming events and I’ll include them in future updates.  I have a new post every Wednesday and if you’d like your event included, I’ll need to receive details by 6pm on the Friday before at the very latest, although the more notice, the better!